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Drumming as Exercise Routine

I wanted to get into a regular exercise routine, but I have a really hard time getting into a routine doing something I really don't enjoy. In the past I've tried to get into running on my treadmill. Running on the treadmill is really hard for me – my mind starts to wander and I get utterly bored after only a few minutes. Even with music or Netflix to distract me while I run, I just can't do it.

Writing a Good Linux Init Script

A good Linux init script that works across multiple distros is hard to find. Most distros have a sample/skeleton init script to base your own init scripts on, but that requires having a separate init script for each distro. For the Stackify Linux agent I wanted to have a single init script that would work on all common Linux distros. I had a decent init script that worked pretty well for ‘start’ and ‘stop’ commands, but not so much for ‘status’.

My Favorite Music of 2012

I am by no means a music critic, but typically at the end of the year I put together a list of my favorite music from the past year, albeit normally within the privacy of my own head. This year I decided I would make the list public. My musical tastes seem to be pretty eclectic and all over the board. Sometimes the albums that make it onto my list are a surprise even to myself.

Blogging is Hard

I have decided to give blogging another go. Over the years I have tried to get into blogging on varying topics including music and philosophy. This will be my personal blog, with no specific topic, other than whatever random things enter my head. To keep the blog going, I will make it my goal to create at least one new blog entry a month. Upcoming post topics will likely include Pusher (specifically from a Java consumer standpoint) and my current exercise regimen.