Differentiate Java Processes by Working Directory

A lot of server software runs on Java, but the different Java processes are listed as simply Java via commands like top or ps -ef. One feature of the Stackify agent is tracking the running processes on a server. I needed a way to identify what each Java process really was in a fairly simple and concise way, but there isn’t a clear winner in the output of the top or ps commands.

Writing a Good Linux Init Script

A good Linux init script that works across multiple distros is hard to find. Most distros have a sample/skeleton init script to base your own init scripts on, but that requires having a separate init script for each distro. For the Stackify Linux agent I wanted to have a single init script that would work on all common Linux distros. I had a decent init script that worked pretty well for ‘start’ and ‘stop’ commands, but not so much for ‘status’.